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PixelArmorAI Megabundle

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee

You’ve unlocked all the upgrades to our best app, PixelArmorAI

You have everything needed to run an agency with this amazing technology from a software standpoint.

However, many customers have been contacting us in private asking for more training to help put the pieces together, which goes far beyond simple tutorials.

Live training and education are extremely time-consuming for us to create, so they are only offered for private coaching students starting at $4999.00 and up.

But today, we’re opening up access to VIP training, additional softwares, a VIP group, and more with the PixelArmorAI ‘MegaBundle’ add-on.

Again, you already have access to all the software features of PixelArmorAI, but for those looking to go all in and make this year the one they really breakthrough….

Allow us to introduce:

MegaBundle Upgrade

You can upgrade your bundle deal to ‘mega bundle’

and get all these additional Upgrades to pretty much guarantee you have an agency that succeeds including:

Upgrade #1

VIP Live Training Calls

– $2000.00 Value

With the MegaBundle upgrade, you’ll get access to multiple LIVE training calls with Ben & Vivek on using AI in your business.

These calls are in addition to the Masterclass bonus training and are pure-value – NOTHING to pitch or sell.

Feel free to ask questions and get in-depth advice with examples with what’s working right now to grow an agency – specifically an AI automation agency.

You’ll be emailed with times for each training with the email you use to access the MegaBundle.

Replays will be available if you’re unavailable for the live call.

Software is awesome, but if you don’t have in-depth knowledge on how to use it, it will just collect dust.

Upgrade #2

On-Demand Agency Training from Us

– $2900.00 Value

In this video training series created by Ben & Vivek you’ll get proven strategies to land high-paying clients from 100% scratch.

You can access this training at anytime, getting blueprints to bypass gatekeepers, close businesses offline and online, prospect cold clients, structure offers for the most money with the least amount of work, and more!

Groundbreaking training you’ll learn in 20+ HD modules includes:


How to attract local business clients like mom and pop ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores that need Ai bot and agency service help


The simple trick to positioning yourself as an authority in the agency space, even if you’re brand new


The key to getting Ai bot clients overnight from Facebook (sneaky tactic)


The secret to winning high-paying clients from freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and more


How to bypass “gatekeepers” like receptionists quickly and speak to the decision makers to land video deals


How to level up your agency by using a simple funnel to win more trust, silence the competition and triple your income in days


A new way to set up an agency site and portfolio that sells your services on total autopilot (without breaking the bank or wasting days working on it)


Even if you dislike selling, learn how to smoothly and confidently close clients during calls and effectively address the question “how much does it cost?


3 keys to closing clients once you have their attention and get them to pay – WITHOUT being ‘salesy’

And so much more!

Upgrade #3

PixelArmorAI Appimize Access

– $3000.00 Value

Appimize lets you turn your PixelArmorAI sites into mobile apps for clients with the click of a button – all without App store approval to sell!

Appimize turns any site into a Progressive Web App (PWA) which is the holy grail in the world of mobile. It’s the most effective way of engaging with your users because they are:

Reliable: They load instantly without any crashes
Fast: They respond quickly without any lags
Engaging: They feel natural, just as you view a website but better.

Appimize is built upon this technology, giving you everything you need to create fast, dynamic and responsive mobile apps with just a few clicks.

Step #1

Select Template

Choose from 100 stunning done for you customisable templates in the HOTTEST niches.

Easily edit, add text, pictures, videos, audios, appointment planner, optin forms & other powerful features to your app without worrying about any code. 100% newbie friendly.

Step #2

Customize App

Using appimize’s simple point and click technology, you can fully customize your app by adding, editing, changing and removing any elements to build that perfect custom app to your style or clients needs.

Step #3


Hit publish and your app will now be live on all platforms and devices, ready to go viral. You can share your app directly by text, email or social networks without going through app store approvals.

Honestly It’s So Simple That My 71 Year Old Grandad Can Do This…
And He Has No Experience Or Technical Skills At All!

INSTANTLY SKYROCKET Your Leads, Engagement, Traffic &
Sales Without Any Effort

Here Is Just A Glimpse Of The Many Different Unique Apps You Could Create:

Upgrade #4

PixelArmorAI Unlimited Agency Accounts

– $700.00 Value

With the mega-bundle upgrade, you can unlock unlimited agency accounts now. Now, your income level is now unlimited with the ability to scale your agency as large as you want now.

Upgrade #5

PixelArmorAI DubZoo Bundle Access

– $700.00 Value

Leverage our AI app to translate and subtitle any video or audio content into 140+ languages with high accuracy and multiply your reach without burning your pocket.

This means you can expand your business into non-English markets, seize new revenue streams, and build a truly global brand.

Content Customization in Multiple

Craft content Customization or collections, perhaps one set in English, another in Spanish, and yet another in French, tailored for every client.

Cutting Edge Multilanguage Video & Audio Conversion Technology

Converting videos and audios to multiple languages manually can be a long and tedious task.

DubZoo simplifies this process by automatically converting any video or audio into a diverse range of languages using AI-driven technology. Create your content once, and DubZoo ensures it reaches a global audience without any repeated effort.

AI-Driven Video Subtitle Creation

Elevate your videos by automatically generating engaging subtitles with DubZoo’s cutting edge technology.

Feed in your video, and the AI crafts perfectly timed subtitles, enhancing the video’s accessibility and reach.

Integration with Multiple Platforms

Connect DubZoo to diverse platforms, ensuring your multilanguage content is accessible across various channels.

From YouTube to personal blogs, make sure your content speaks to everyone, everywhere.

Automated Text, Audio, and Video

Opt for the creation of multiple versions of your content in different languages.

This unique DubZoo feature is crucial for delivering fresh, localized content, ensuring you tap into global markets effectively, and pocket a lot more sales.

AI-Powered Content Description

Craft compelling descriptions for platforms like WordPress, Medium, or any other platform.

Use this feature to generate engaging video descriptions, profile texts, and more, all tailored for a multilanguage audience.

There’s Never Been Anything Like This!

Upgrade #6

VIP AICoaches Community Access

– $197.00 Value

Get access to a secret VIP Massfluence community where you can learn from others on how their making money with their AICoaches and growing an agency.

Network with others, find a business partner, ask questions, and more!

Only 50 Spots Available for Mega Bundle

Because we don’t want too many people on the calls (since we’ll be there live answering questions) we can’t allow everyone to get access at this current price.

That’s why we’re limiting who gets by increasing the price every hours and eventually taking away the Mega bundle upgrade offer.

The good news is, for a very limited time you can upgrade your bundle deal offer to ‘mega’ bundle’ and take your agency business to the next level.

Plus, We’re Taking on All the Risk

Plus, if for any reason you decide you don’t need this ‘mega’ add-on and just want to continue with the regular bundle deal.

Just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll issue you a refund.

You have 30 days to have success with the mega bundle add-on, or you’re entitled to a money-back guarantee.

Upgrade Now For More Results in Less Time

Go ahead now, and secure your order before the price increases.

Press the “Buy Now” Button Right Now to lock in your MegaBundle upgrade add-on.

MegaBundle Upgrade

Includes all Upgrades and Features:

  • Access to VIP Live Trainings & Replays
  • Access to On-Demand Agency Training
  • Access to Secret Agency Group
  • Unlimited PixelArmorAI Agency Account Access
  • Access to Appimize
  • Bundle Deal Access to DubZoo

Just $8500.00

PixelArmorAI Megabundle

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee

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